TV Producer for television and corporate video production

Experienced TV Producer.
TV Production, Corporate Production. Interviews.
Czech, English, Spanish language.
TV crew hire price:

Daily rate:


340.- Euro

Sony FS-7 Camera kit. Zoom Zeiss LWZ 21-100. (70 -200/2,8 Zoom lens available) Incl.boom kit, 1 pcs wireless Lavalier mic kit, wireless hendheld mic

1180.- Euro

Sony FS-7 Camera kit. Zoom Zeiss LWZ 21-100. (70 -200/2,8 Zoom lens available) Incl. field 4 CH recorder/mixer, boom, 2 pcs wireless Lavalier mic kit, wireless hendheld mic.

1 540.- Euro

Another camera crew options:
TV Cameraman with
Super 35 mm 4K Digital Cinema Camera crew
Prime lenses Zeiss CP.2 kit 15, 21, 35, 50, 800, 100 mm
Zoom lens Zeiss 21-100 T2,9-3,9 LWZ
Variety zooms and primes available on request

Please contact us for special offer.
F55 Camera crew Prague
HD option:
Camera XDCAM HD Sony PDW 700
50 Mbit/s, 422 (24P, 25P, 30P, 50i, 60i) 1920 x 1080, 720, PAL, NTSC
Fujinon HD lens zoom 13x6,3 (10x4,8 wide zoom lens available on request)
Tripod Sachtler, LCD monitor
3 pcs basic light kit, bounceboard
Sennheiser wireless lavalier mic kit, Wireless hendheld microphone
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Don't hesitate to ask for:
- Any other camera (Canon C-300, RED Epic, ARRI Amira …)
- More camera crews
- Dolly, Slider, MiniJib, Crane …
- Multicamera shooting
- Lighting set from 100W Dedolights to 5 kW Fresnel. Kinoflo, HMI, LED panels …
- Transportation vehicle 4+1 or Van 8+1
- Free 4 + 1 car transport for Prague shooting.
- Crew members resume
- Variety discounts :-)
- Any of your special requirement and combinations

Shooting day is any 10 hours base to base. Our base is in the centre of Prague.
Overtime is 80.- Euro per hour.
Price does not include 21% VAT. We usually charge zero of VAT outside of the Czech Republic.